Our Children of Illness

The subject of our children is fresh on my mind today. Maybe because I had a little reminder of how emotional and stressful life can be when your child is sick.

My daughter has been fighting a chronic illness since she was four years old. The pain, the worry and the stays at hospitals never gets any easier to take no matter how old they get.

We came back to the hospital yesterday for the first time in almost a year. Just when you think she may have “outgrown” it, even though you know better, it hits her and it hits her hard. How fast all of the old emotions come to the surface.

I believe that everything happens for a reason, and I find it ironic that she is sick right after I brought my business online. It is like a reminder to me how much we need this.

I get paid to help people through tough times and I volunteer at support groups to help even more people. I know the right things to say and do for others, but the perspective gets lost when it is my own child.


3 thoughts on “Our Children of Illness

  1. It is true that perspective is harder to find or gets lost when an issue is close to us.

    The solution is to create emotional distance by releasing our attachment to what is appearing in our life. It isn’t that you don’t care, rather you release the obsessing over it that can occur; it means taking some deep breaths and asking ourselves some questions such as what is there to learn in this experience, what possible solutions are there, how is this for my highest and best good…?

    Through this process we can shift ourselves into solution mode which naturally creates the distance we need to get a different perspective on our experience.

    In this particular case, I wonder what possible solutions are available that would completely and permanently resolve your child’s illness? In my practice I explore emotional attachment/charges resulting from past trauma (even before this lifetime), any beliefs being held that are at cause or contributing etc. We know in Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology (and proven through Quantum Physics) that the energy held within the energetic/emotional body affects the physical and as a result can and will manifest an illness, disease, ailment etc. as an opportunity to heal the true cause. My blog post http://bearfoothealing.wordpress.com/2013/02/10/the-power-of-our-energy-thoughts-beliefs-and-attachments/ speaks of this.

    May you experience Well-being within and throughout your life and family…
    Namasté Om!
    Rev. Christopher StandingBear, RMT.

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