Support Group Poll Topics

I am throwing you all a poll to see which topics will be the most popular to start with. Then we will determine how often we will all want to "meet". Please take a moment to fill out the poll and also share it with anyone that you think may be interested.

If you do not see a topic listed, please feel free to write one in, along with any other info that you would like me to have. Thank you.

Support Group Topic Poll


2 thoughts on “Support Group Poll Topics

  1. I think the mix of groups for people supporting loved ones is great. I live near two large metropolitan areas and haven’t seen much at all along those lines. The other group I wish I had found when I was going through it was Surviving the suicide of a loved one. Those were some dark, dark years that followed, especially without being able to talk to others that had been through it.

    • Thank you very much!! Supporting our loved ones seems to be very popular locally here as well, but the problem is that it is hard to find time to go to meetings when you are so busy at home. Hopefully giving the online/phone option will help with that. And I can totally agree with you on the suicide one. I would have given anything to have been able to talk to someone, anyone back when I first went through it. Thanks again.

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