Press Release

New Life Calling Inspires Many


Angela Godbout Connects Victims with Survivors and Hope


February 15th, 2013   A Readfield, ME wife and mother of two has launched herself and her life into the public eye as a way to help others around the world.


Angela uses online scheduling, blogging and marketing to set up support groups, giving advice and to do public speaking. She has overcome so much in her life that she is a complete inspiration to others. Some of the subjects that she is known for consist of:


  • Sexual abuse
  • Suicide Survivor
  • Raising a child with special needs
  • Having a spouse with a disability
  • Raising a child that wasn’t hers
  • Overcoming financial hardships


Angela Godbout, public speaker, support group facilitator, volunteer and all around inspiration to all, says she started her service because she truly believes that helping others is her life calling.


“It was a very sad day when I realized just how many people are out there in need of inspiration and encouragement. When life had thrown me some major curve balls and I fell into a severe depression it really opened my eyes as to how much I had endured in my lifetime and how telling my story could give hope to so many. Teaching self-esteem to children and watching them get stronger with each class is a small miracle in itself.”


A Voice with a Difference


Angela is in a place in her life that nothing matters more to her than helping children and adults to get through the toughest of times. She has so much insight on so many different subjects. Bullying and school shootings are things that should never happen. She knows that it all starts at home and she advises on ways to help raise respectful children.


What makes Angela different from others that have overcome adversity? The fact that she has not only overcome one or two tragic situations, but she has prevailed so many. No matter where or when you meet her, you will be greeted with a smile on her face and a strong positive attitude. She is genuinely happy to help people in any way that she can.


Angela believes in the old saying that “everything happens for a reason” and with what she has been through, I find this quite remarkable.

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