About FRaPS


Family, Relationships, and Personal Situations

Family, Relationship and Personal Situations are our specialty. Let us help you stay strong and full of life. Let’s put an end to bullying and school shootings!!

FRaPS is a team of Family, Relationship and Personal Situations specialists. Each Team member has 20+ years of experience in their specialty. We have all decided to take our business online so we can expand our services globally.

We offer help in way of advice, consulting and coaching all rolled into one. If you have a personal problem that we have not listed, go ahead and ask us for free. If we think that we can offer sound help, then you can choose which service you will prefer, if we do not have enough experience in that area, then we will try to refer you to someone who can.

Family, Relationship and Personal Situations are our specialty. Let us help you stay strong and full of life. Let’s put an end to bullying and school shootings!!

Some of our expertise would include:

• Teenagers and structure
• Bringing up a child that is not yours
• Bullying (both sides of the coin)
• Living with divorce
• Having a child with a disability
• Having a spouse with a disability
• Financial hardships
• Parenting in general
• Stay at home parents
• Working outside the home parents
• Rekindling your marriage
• Starting your own business on a shoe string budget
• Bringing a little spice to the bedroom
• Suicide and its aftermath
• Dealing with school sports and concussions

Free Consultations, Paid Services Through Email, Paid Services on the Phone, Paid Services on Skype, Paid Services in Person (travel arrangement costs not included)

Our Fees can run as low as $20.00 to as high as $200.00, it will all depend on what is needed and how long it will take. We will learn as much as we can through our first consultation and then come up with an amount that will work for all of us. There are no hidden fees. Whatever fees we quote you will be paid to us through PayPal before our services will begin.

Refunds will not be given due to this being an advice/consulting business unless we, FRaPS, are unable to keep an appointment and you do not wish to reschedule.

14 thoughts on “About FRaPS

  1. Hello to the team and thanks to follow my Blog !!! You have a Great Missions as Guidance Angels !!! It is a Serious Society Problem and I am Happy I was not born and Grew Up in this System !!!! Many Blessings , thinking the Universe will assist you to fulfill your mission !! As a Holistic Therapist , since more than 20 years I am facing and counseling a lots of situations as you are describing !! Some people are easy to be helped , being open and some others not ready !!! As we know , experiences are good life lessons but , it is much better to work in prevention and the ones are ready will take the advice and look for Help !!! Wishing your Agenda to be full and the Help you are Offering to get as many responses , as the complexity of the problems we are Facing and especially more you .. I supposed you are from USA so , yes your society need the most Help and the most of a New Orientation and back to a Old Value System !!!
    Have a good , Inspirational Day and keeping in Touch of Course !!!! 🙂

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