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Here is the link to my scheduling landing page:  or you can go to my Facebook page and just click on the schedule button. I tried to make this as easy as possible for everyone.

I need to send out a BIG THANK YOU to my local FRaPS team for letting me make my schedule so flexible for our online clients. They are really picking up the slack here in the office.

Welcome to FRaPS!!!

I would love to take a moment to welcome you all to FRaPS!! FRaPS stands for Family, Relationships and Personal Situations. We are a team of experts that specialize in these topics.

Our goal is to advise and educate parents, children and individuals in areas of their lives that they seem to be struggling. We started our consulting/advising business back in 2003 but just launched our online presence today, 02/08/2013!!

We are so excited about being able to help globally, especially in such a time of need. Bullying and school shootings are happening all too often, and it will amaze you at how we can change our child’s way of thinking before they ever get to that point.

My name is Angela, and I will be the team member that you will be communicating with the most. I am very excited about this new expanded venture and I hope that you are as well.

Here are some of the topics that we specialize in:
• Teenagers and structure
• Bringing up a child that is not yours
• Bullying (both sides of the coin)
• Living with divorce
• Having a child with a disability
• Having a spouse with a disability
• Financial hardships
• Parenting in general
• Stay at home parents
• Working outside the home parents
• Rekindling your marriage
• Starting your own business on a shoe string budget
• Bringing a little spice to the bedroom
• Suicide and its aftermath
• Dealing with school sports and concussions

I will try to update this blog daily, but it may end up being more like once a week. But please be sure to “like” us on Facebook to be sure you are kept up to date on everything that we have to offer.

Also be sure to look into our referral program!!