There is Always Hope

This poem was written by Jackie. She is one of our followers and I am very proud to share her writing with you all.

There is Always Hope

Schizophrenia is the diagnosis I was given
But that’s not going to stop me from liven
Not that every day is roses and sunshine
Sometimes I feel like my life hit a land-mine
But I will not just survive
I plan to flourish and thrive
Have to take an anti-psychotic
But that doesn’t mean I’m neurotic
From profanity I’ll refrain
Instead I’ll use my brain
To express the need for education
Rather than degradation
For being ill is not a crime
Can you dig this rhyme?
This illness does not define me
Instead I use my words to set me free
So that fear and stigma do not oppress
Though with my diagnosis I am not smitten
That did not stop this from being written