This Letter Was Brought to my Attention Anonymously…

Real Life Celebrity Right in Our Own Community

How did a local wife and mother of two go from rags to riches? By being an inspiration to others. That is it. She doesn’t have any fancy degrees or held high profile jobs. She is just a wife and mother that has survived extraordinary circumstances.

The key to her success is that she took her tragic life experiences and has used them to empower her community. She started by facilitating support groups and volunteering at local organizations and then she started getting paid to do public speaking about her life. This one event alone has changed her family’s financial situation for the better for the first time in her almost forty years of life.

Who would have known that Angela was never able to stand in front of her speech class in high school due to her fear and anxiety? The difference is that now she is talking about her life and using that to help her community. She truly believes in what she is saying. She laughs and cries with us as she is talking. She has so much passion and compassion that she is a true inspiration to all.

Is she rich yet? No, probably not by your standards; but she feels rich by hers. She is a true local celebrity and she certainly deserves whatever income that comes her way. She suffers and goes without a lot of things for her community.

This is a story of a woman that couldn’t afford to feed her own family, but when friends and family needed help, she was the first one to offer. She couldn’t do a lot financially, but her home was always open to anyone that needed support.

Angela has overcome so much adversity in her lifetime and when she was hit with severe depression a while ago, she realized what her life calling was. She was put here to use her tragedies to help others get through their own. She was born to help others and nothing makes her happier.

Look her up. She has a Facebook page where she keeps track of all of her meetings and stuff. That will explain more about the types of things that she has been through.

Her name is Angela Godbout and her (unofficial) name of her site is: FRaPS: Family, Relationships and Personal Situations. She also runs a blog from the same name. If and when you run into her somewhere, please stop and introduce yourself. Let her know how much her work is appreciated. She may cry, but they will be tears of joy.